Mehndi Designs For Legs

Marriages are made in heaven

Most of the people around the world believe that marriages are decided in Paradise above. Marriage is an auspicious and an important occasion for a man and woman. No other occasion can replace the joy of wedding to the couple and it is a verdict of God. No one can deny this simple fact. In India, the bride adorns her hands and legs with beautiful mehndi designs, which is celebrated as one of the auspicious pre-wedding rituals.

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Mehndi ceremony

Mehndi ceremony before a wedding shows the joyous mood of the oncoming occasion. Mehndi designs for hands and legs are usually done with plastic cones or sometime stencils are used, which provide an instant design. When it comes to mehndi designs are feet, you have awesome collections in almost all the styles that look vibrant on a bride’s feet. Mehndi designs for legs are done according to the contours and leg shape of the bride or the wearer. In India only the new brides usually wear mehndi designs for legs.

Mehndi designs for legs

Women of today prefer Arabic floral patterns for their legs, which add more beauty to the legs. But the Indian, Pakistani and African styles of mehndi designs for legs are no lesser than the Arabic style. Mehndi designs in the form of anklets are very popular among women in India. Young girls just prefer wearing the mehndi design of an anklet alone on their legs that stay for a temporary period of time.

Simple Mehndi designs for legs

Simple mehndi designs for legs include designing borders, anklets and single floral patterns on the top portion of the feet. The feet are bordered with symmetrical curves and lines, which beautifully gel with the natural contours of the feet. The toes are simply decorated with designs of grape vines or leaves. Modern mehndi have solutions even for creating an artwork over the fingernails and toenails. Else a matching nail polish would complete the design with more elegance. The bride may select a nail color either matching the mehndi color or the color of her wedding outfit.

Complex Mehndi designs for legs

Some simple mehndi designs for legs are just made like two holding straps of sandals that attach the sole to the foot. This is a very common design that one can see on the feet of college going girls. Some girls even wear mehndi designs on one side of their heels where the skin is exposed near the buckles. This adds more beauty to the feet as well as the heels that they wear. The simple mehndi designs for legs generally do not cover the backside of the legs. Glitters can be added to enhance the designs.

Complex mehndi designs for legs can extend up to 3/4th of the legs of a bride. The design as well as the bride looks more gorgeous when she wears the toe ring during the wedding ceremony. The complex designs cover even the backside of the legs and attract more henna concentration. The henna paste is utilized more for complex mehndi designs for legs than the hands.

Make your own Henna paste

As it is possible to make mehndi designs on both the feet on your own, you first need to know the correct procedure for making the henna paste. As a first step, get the henna leaves and try to extract fine dust from it or you can buy the powdered henna available at stores. Next, you need to transfer the henna dust into a bowl that do not stain and add few drops of jasmine oil as well as steaming hot water into the bowl. The mehndi design would stay for a long period if you add a little bit of eucalyptus oil or lemon juice to the henna paste. You can also add tea dust to enhance the color.